Hathors – Galactic Federation of Light – July-16-2013

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The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Dreamtime Assemblies, Fourth-Dimensional Consciousness and Heaven’s Tangibility

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Humanity is growing to understand the deep energetics at work Creating and sustaining your realities.

The various purer realms of consciousness you’re growing toward and discovering within are all constructed of the same energy of Love, which forms your realities and helps you to perceive of your specific dimension of consciousness.

You’ve been adjusted to the third dimension of consciousness for so very long.

Now, with your collective having largely entered the fourth dimension per the very large ascension-related event that occurred at the end of your year 2012, the entire populace is beginning to awaken in their own ways to the existence of spiritual realms beyond your current understanding, and to the misdeeds of the few in power and influence on your world.

The awakening collective has helped to anchor exponential and enormously-pure energy unto the surface and collective consciousness of the Earth, in preparation for your full-on awakening and ascension into the realms of the fifth dimension.

In doing so, you’ve helped to prepare your collective for the revelations they’ll come to uncover in themselves, concerning their own existence and the reality of purer dimensions of consciousness that they can tap into from within.

Assisting in your Personal Process
No source in the higher dimensions encourages actively fixating oneself upon any outside source to deliver one’s higher-dimensional understanding to them completely, but we do seek to give you assistance in your outward realities by offering our energies and perspectives via the communications we give.

We work to help you awaken by issuing communications, which are intended to assist you in a process that’s personal to you and that can only be fully understood and traversed by you.

Knowing the extent of your freewill laws and knowing that only you can decide the direction in which your path is going or educate yourselves in the deepest and broadest sense about your own inner-realms and the higher dimensions you’re growing toward; knowing this, we seek only to help and uplift, rather than attempt to keep your attention fixated on us.

Beings in the higher dimensions don’t experience such ego-driven desire to be seen, heard or experienced, as we seek only to offer the pure Love of the Creator for any soul, Earthly or otherwise, who taps into our energies and the Love we speak of.

We seek to help you unlock greater understandings about yourselves and the ways your realities have functioned and will function in the New Earth you’re growing toward and building, as you Lightworkers have, in your sleep realms, worked on building the new paradigm and seeing it manifested on your Earth, quite fruitfully.

Our communications are one facet of the assistance we’re offering humanity, and we’re working actively with the majority of you in your sleep realms on various aspects of the unfolding of your New Earth and the awakening of each of you individually.

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