The Oracle Report – Daily Energetic Analysis During the Time of Awakening – July 11, 2013



The Oracle Report

New Moon Phase-  Moon in Leo/Virgo

Ruling Mahavidya:  Dhumavati

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Today has been a long time coming.  Finally, Jupiter makes the exact conjunction with the Black Moon, ending a long push from behind.  Recall that transits with the Black Moon are like the flight of the mythical phoenix and have two phases: death and rebirth or degeneration and regeneration.  When a planet is approaching the conjunction with the Black Moon, we experience the energetic death, dissolution or degeneration phase.  Then, when the exact conjunction is made, we experience the energetic rebirth, resolution, or regeneration phase.  The day of the exact conjunction always brings the strongest energy.

The degree of this conjunction involves arguments, anger, depression (which is anger turned inward), and conflict.  Mars is trailing right behind and will enter the sign of Cancer today.  Mars rules arguments, anger, and conflict.  The Black Moon involves fears and Jupiter expands everything it touches.  So we have an alchemy arising around the issues of the sign Cancer: support, appreciation, emotions, sharing, need, nourishment, and dependence.

But here’s the thing: today is the changing of the tides.  Our mission is to be conscious collaborators who honor the changing of the tides.  Sophia, in her persona as Dhumavati, is using this energy to wash out the power of negative frequencies (see yesterday’s post for more information).  It works in the same way that an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) fries electronics.

All of this seems great, but most likely it won’t feel great just yet.  Mind parasites cling more tightly when being removed.  So if your thoughts are darker today, you know that a deep purging is taking place.  Arguments and conflict are signs that the tidal wave is in effect.

This is happening to everyone and everything today, but nothing that transpires today should be taken as the final outcome.  Remember there are always two phases to transits of the Black Moon.  The outcome begins to surface tomorrow.  Today is dramatic and tomorrow is subtle.

On most occasions we would stay out of a fray like this.  However, in order to fully receive the blessing, we have to follow where it takes us.  If anger is being impulsed in you, instead of shutting it down, allow its freedom.  Be respectful and do not resort to any sort of violence, but don’t suppress it.  Give it over to the devouring mother.

Of all the days in time, today is the day to give over to Dhumavati anything that troubles you.

The Oracle Report

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