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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Here is something about the higher chakric system that we are moving into, because we are already transcending the traditional 7-chakric system, and moving into a 13-chakric system. This is the state of a sovereign integral, an integrated Divine Human Being that we are becoming in this physical Ascension process. Please know that this system already exists, it is nothing new. We are now just remembering and activating it through the process of Divine remembrance and physical Ascension. And remember, it’s not about numbers at all. It is also not about the names, but energy importance of them … so Divine attributes and meanings associated with them. Each of them are interconnected, as we truly are One with everything. When all are in perfect flow, symmetry and harmony, eternal life force can effortlessly flow through us.

More in my article shared here: http://ascension-pioneers.org

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