50 Days by Sea Kayak in the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area

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The wild and rugged shores of northern Lake Superior have a captivating presence that cannot be denied. For those who have traveled upon her, Superiors stunning beauty and immense power is very well known. In the summer of 2008 three Lakehead University students in the Lake Superior Research Group (LSRG): Aaron Nicholson, Jessica Johnson, and Zack Kruzins embarked upon a 50-day sea kayak expedition within the newly announced National Marine Conservation Area. While studying everything from campsites to water trails, risk management, arctic disjunct plants, lichen, terraced beaches and more, the three were treated with many of Superiors gifts. This film, a reflection of their expedition, was created as a tribute to the stunning beauty and power of Lake Superior.
Website: http://www.lakesuperiorresearchgroup.ca/

Presented by the Lake Superior Research Group
Filmed and produced by Zack Kruzins
Music by Ian Tamblyn

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