Buddha Maitreya Sacred Geometric Forms

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These 24k Gold plated Sacred Geometric Metatronic forms are part of the Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Healing Tools used for meditation, healing and to attune to the Soul. Metatronics differs from known geomancy in that Metatronics is based on the Metatrons cube whereas known geomancy is based on the platonic solids. Where the platonic solids represent the consciousness of the personality, the Metatronic forms represent the Soul and the Monad, the Mind of God. Designed and created by His Holiness, the tools are a form of homeopathy, an energetic, vibrational medicine that applies sacred geomancy to help a person awaken their Soul or ‘Buddha Nature’, the divine enlightened essence within all beings and things. Simply used for meditation and healing, these highly spiritual tools work by radiating Buddha Maitreya’s blessings. Transmitting that blessing of His Love and the Holy Spirit to help people increase their vitality, heal and transform their lives. Many people worldwide have experienced spontaneous miraculous healings from physical, emotional and mental problems and have changed their lives in every way to a more caring, virtuous and loving harmless reality by meditating with the tools, the accompanying Soul Therapy Music®, and taking relationship to the present incarnation of Buddha, establishing the Virtues of Shambhala on Earth. Learn more at http://www.shambhalahealingtools.com

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