Deep Theta Mediation 5.5Hz Isochronic Tones With Metal Crystal Bowls

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Alternative background sounds also available: water stream, thunderstorm, underwater sounds, outerspace.

This is a deep Theta brain entrainment session, using Isochronic Tones with a metal crystal bowls background track. It is designed to make it easier to experience a deeper state of meditation, usually only acheived after many years of practice.

The session begins at the top of the high Alpha range (12 Hz), and guides you down to high Theta in about 7 minutes. Then gently down to deep Theta (5.5 Hz) by the 14 minutes mark, where it holds you for just over half an hour.

Not designed for sleep

As you close in on the end of the session (after 46 minutes), you are gradually taken out of the deep Theta state and back into a more aware but still relaxed state in high Alpha.


Headphones are not required for this particular session, as long as you can clearly hear the Isochronic Tones behind the music track. But, if you can use headphones, I always recommend it. When you use headphones it helps to block out any peripheral sound in the room, and I personally find the entrainment experience to be more powerful when using them.

Metal Crystal Bowls

I also have another video of metal crystal bowls without the Isochronic tones here:…

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