Music of Silence – Sound of Light

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Music of Silence from the album ‘Agua-Fogo-Ar-Terra’ by Sound of Light


Music of silence
Music beyond words
Children of the Ocean that’s what we are

Love is the most shining star
In the inner sky of your being
Love is the most shining star inside you

from Agua​-​Fogo​-​Ar​-​Terra, released 21 June 2012
SOL Girls: Vocals Amrit Vismay , sound engineer and musician who has produced and compiled this album over 10 years , was once a dj at parties and when called by the Medicine received soundscapes from other galaxies that retuned his being to his ancestral roots. This album has manifested through his devotion and love to the Circle and the Eternal Fountain of Divine Inspiration


released 21 June 2012
Amrit Vismay, Neta-ya Nicole, Emaya Shahaf , Avshalom Tubali, Asi Rose, Noa Chandra, Mynah, Manju, Veeren, Dave, Oran, Sheer Sofer and many more from within the Circle…thank you All
special thanks for astral teachers…BabaJi ,Osho ,Carioca,Chandra,Maurillio and Juan
may all Beings be free, peace for all the Earth

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