Polona of Ascension Pioneers – Channeling – Sourcing – Discernment – Soul Awareness


Dear Ascension Pioneers!

Join me as I discuss the difference between sourcing and channeling and how to use inner discernment. I myself do not channel anything. What I tune into is my own Soul and the consciousness of my Beloved I AM. Therefore, everything I share comes from within my own Being and the Group Oversoul. It is my own Soul awareness. When we connect to a certain group of Beings, it is always our authentic Soul knowing if we tune into our Soul group and Oversoul, for we tune into our Soul awareness. If we do not, we channel a certain consciousness (a Being, an entity, etc.) that comes from another spectrum, or another Variation of Creation … with a different Soul awareness. This is important to understand, for if the Soul knowing is ours, we won’t filter the incoming information through. We will not distort it, for it will be pure … emanating from our Soul. We will have the inner tools to understand the awareness that flows through us. If not, we might manipulate the information through our own filters. That is why it is so important to be discerning when we tune into other people’s channeled material. True freedom and inner knowing is only found within … by tuning into our Soul Essence.

Within Divine Love, Polona



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