Evolution – Humanity – Carbon to Silicate Crystalline Light Body

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We all know the number of ‘the beast’ — so it is no co-incidence to find that the element that sustains all life on Mother Earth, carbon, has 6 electrons, 6 neutrons and 6 protons. The ‘beast’ however is the body of man — a third density physical vehicle of Spirit. It has done us proud up until now but it has limitations and it is time to embrace the next evolutionary change. Our carbon eyes have a limited light perception. Our carbon ears have a limited audiometry. Time for evolution to move us to the next stage- 5th dimension. The human species is evolving rapidly with 48 chromosomes, 12 physical strands of DNA and 10 etheric strands of DNA. Our internal biology is gradually being alchemically altered from a sugar based organic cell feeding system to a multi-dimensional liquid light based crystal structured system. An expanded awareness – the perfect physical structure to contain and store the light of Source. Welcome the new energies, quieten the mind, surrender the heart and allow the inevitable changes to take place. Do not swim against the current. There is opportunity for all with open hearts and minds. There is nothing to do, no people to follow, no books to read, no courses to attend but acceptance.

This video is a beautiful tune based on sound created from an existing silicon crystal structure, glass – or rather in this case, the Glass Armonica invented by Benjamin Franklin. The perfect vibrational frequencies for our newly structuring bodies — a transcendental meditation.

Although the light body created by increased vibration leads to cellular disintegration so that the body becomes etheric in nature – this is the more commonly known method, but loses the properties so sought after by those wishing to experience third density — the ability for physical feedback through the five lower senses.

The potentiality here described is a derivative of the higher evolutionary process allowing the continuance of a third density physical body to exist with the ability to sustain a higher vibrational tolerance of heat and light and therefore be present within a wider dimensional frequency band. Evolution of awareness exists in a myriad of forms throughout the galaxy and it is on earth and other earth like planets that the human blueprint has been shaped from the genetic material developing life based on organic cell feeding mechanisms to process energy from one form into bodily material. Gaia’s evolution of physicality from mineral to plant to animal has often generated large leaps from one form to another — the next step in humankind is no more remarkable than the ability of carbon life forms to move from water supported life forms to the development of gills to lungs for breathing and cartilage to bone to support the muscle frame on land. It has been an extremely satisfying experiment to create such a diversity of life within such an infinitesimal small spectrum of physical material. Greater tolerance of the extremes found within this solar system is necessary to expand to the range of outer terrestrial planets that can support a physical human body through genetic adaptation.

The use of silicon alone does not lend itself well to the forming of polymer strings due to the current nature of covalent bonding however using natural doping methods of the lanthanide metals, particularly lutetium has been successfully used to overcome this. The extremely high heat resistance and scintillation properties are useful to move to a photon based energy source for organic molecules based on an ionizing atmosphere. Extremely strong electromagnetic planetary fields do not suit electron swapping nerve cells at the molecular level.

It has always been assumed here that for life to exist elsewhere in the universe then it must follow the same genetic parallels as those experienced on Earth by creating a replacement like for like water based, oxygen breathing molecular carbon substitute. The nature of Source is to overcome the laws of nature as they are currently perceived. The Prime Creator does not limit growth by maintaining fixed restrictions. Laws are created to help catch up in understanding — a fixed point to aim towards before creation moves to the next level. The level that is currently flat becomes a sphere at the next point of observation.
There’s always a bigger fish.

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