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Greetings, I am Mira.

I am happy to be speaking with you today. At this juncture on the Earth and around the Earth there is a lot of turmoil. It can not only be seen but also experienced. Many people are choosing to leave their incarnations and this will continue. I am a part of the Earth Council. We are working diligently to assist all parties with their choices and to keep a watchful eye on the progress of the Earth and the ascension.

The Earth is changing. She is cleansing negative energy like where there was war and where there is pollution and other energies that are unsuitable in the higher dimensions. This is why some of you are placed in strategic locations to be buffers for some of the cleansings or to balance energies that could be disruptive. Do not be surprised if some of you are guided to move in the next couple of years. Know that you are divinely protected and divinely directed. Some of you will guide others away from unsafe areas. This cannot be stopped because the Earth has to survive.

You could be asked to adjust your life styles and to form community. You will find creative new ways of being that will become satisfying and protective. Adjustment will be the name of the game.

In various areas we have begun to display our galactic family in the open daylight and more in the evenings. Keep your eyes in the sky and know that these events are progressing until it is the right time for our full contact with you. We want this to occur in love, joy and truth far away from fear.  We are your space family and we are a part of you. The days of separation are on their way to an end.

We participate in important events as a part of the Earth Council when major decisions need to be made. We can offer help and technology along with experience from previous ascensions on other planets.

We only offer peace and wellbeing as a part of your rising consciousness. You are in for an uplifting and favorable experience as you are beginning to explore the unlimited aspects of your beingness.

We welcome you into the fold and hold you in our hearts with love and gratitude.

I am Mira from the Pleiadian High Council. / link to original article / link to original article

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