James Gilliland – New Energies Bring Karma To Foreground



Saturday is the alignment with Mars and the Moon. This is amplified by gamma ray bursts and solar flares continuously impacting Earth. The anger and warring energies due to unresolved issues within self are being amplified and brought up from the deepest core of our being. Before taking a stance of self righteous judgment of others, projecting, and blaming, now is the time to go within and deal with our own wounds, traumas, wrong conclusions from past experiences.

These new energies demand this, the old ways and externalization methods will no longer work. Remember NO ONE KNOWS WHAT ANOTHER SOUL NEEDS FOR COMPLETION. They may be grand masters cleaning up an issue or two before their full ascension or finishing up karma, agreements, etc. In the end all we have is our own personal God connection—and to lead by example. A good measure is the love, joy, bliss, loving detachment and non-judgment we exude from our being. If we were truly where we think we are, we most likely would not be reading this. We would be beyond the veil.

God Speed,
James Gilliland

3MIN News, June 8, 2013

Author: Higher Density Blog

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