Cosmic Consciousness – Saint Germaine and Channel Maxine Jones

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Cosmic Consciousness- Saint Germaine and Channel Maxine Jones.
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Discover how you can not only connect with your Soul, but have help in everyday life from your closest friend, your Soul. Channeling your Soul is not only possible, it is mandatory in today’s hectic world. See what your Soul can do for you now!

The idea of Connecting with your Soul came from and through channeling St Germain. He said to me one day as I was feverishly working on soul development and newsletters, he said to me “People need to know how the soul works behind the scenes, in their everyday life and they need practical tools to help the soul work more easily and more directly, to make life work in ways that everybody needs it to work right now. We are in such a state about this life and work and how to do it more quickly and easily and how could the soul help.

So we have set up a program to remind people that the soul is not a figment of their imagination, but an important component in expanding consciousness and human development. I was talking on behalf of the source itself and a lot of the higher wisdom of the universe and they simply said “Can you help us represent to people that human beings have a higher wisdom, they have a connection with the universe, remind people that by embracing their souls they can claim one of the amazing and fun parts of what it is to be a human being. And it simply repeated again: soul helps make life work. That’s the birth of connect with your soul.

The channeled messages from Saint Germain were requesting something actually practical and simple.

So the first thing that we came up with is that we need to define soul connection. Here are some ideas of the ways soul appears in our lives: * In known and unknown way such as random miracles and synchronicities and not just random miracles, but the ones that we really love. * When something unexpected happens during the day, that’s probably soul, * Everyday Soul is when something unexpected and wonderful happens in the day. * Time seems to stand still when you need it the most and it stretches when it’s ready to run out. * The perfect response from a random stranger * When a difficult task unfolds with ease * Being in the right place at the right time * When you’re happy for no reason and life is wonderful just because it is.

These are some of the examples of the random appearance of the soul, and that your soul is working behind the scenes and then pops out and makes the difference. There are many other examples. The list of soul’s hand in our life goes on and on and it gets better and better as you begin to recognize that it’s a part of you, that is really is what is behind the scenes, making life work if you allow it to. Generally it’s our lack of allowing that gets in the way or our lack of recognition.

I want to help you to increase your ability to recognize what your soul is doing. What it is already doing and what some of the capabilities are that you haven’t even begun to recognize or use.

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