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On today’s show we are joined by FreeSpirit for the first hour followed by Bernard’s monthly Consciousness Talk.
Free Spirit is an international speaker, the author of three books and an Ascension Teacher – as well as a long standing video contributor to the Global Illumination Council. He is a channel for Star Beings from Source after having spent his life dedicated to the Spiritual Path and to the cleansing of the all important Pineal Gland (the Portal to Spiritual Consciousness in humans). His areas of expertise include Pineal Detoxification, Merkabah Geometry, Earth Ascension, Quantum Reality and the evolution of humanity. Free Spirit is preparing his 4th book – Quantum Truth (Parallel Dimensions and the Secrets of Time), due to be released in May 2013.
We will be discussing:
Pineal Detoxification – Poisoning of Humanity – The Flouride Deception

The Secrets of Time – Some humans are visitors from the FUTURE

Quantum jumping as part of the current evolutionary thrust. How to become a Time Traveller.

Changes in the make up of matter itself. Matter is changing its quantum spin.

Parallel timelines, parallel Earths – Collapse and Ascension as two parallel realities.. Talk about how humans can switch timelines.

Why the doomsday prophecies never happened. Did they happen on another timeline??

The 3D/5D situation.. and why 3D and 5D will experience a divergence (separation)

The Truth about the aliens – Why there has not been a mass landing? Where are the aliens? Who are they and what are their agendas now?

What are the real issues for humanity at this time??

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