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Since April many of us have been doing some MAJOR CLEARING for our own selves as well as for humanity. How we experience this is due to our perceptions and whether we are looking at the situation from the old stand point of the glass half-FULL or half empty. Personally I choose to look at my situation as a champagne glass full and bubbling over. That makes it so much easier for me to clear out my quantum field of the magnetic emotions.

I am seeing some persons who are working on clearing, but in the same old way of victim consciousness. That seems to give this state of poor poor pitiful (Pity Full) me… and they are going through the same thing(s) again and again without different results.

In my experience (for me) I had to learn to change my perceptions of that which I clear and seeing it for the best, and also from a higher perspective so I can understand WHY I had that experience… The question IS, can you give that not so fun experience you are wishing to clear, your gratitude? Can you see what you learned from it? Can you give that person who gave you conflict your unconditional LOVE, even though you didn’t like that experience? Can you see the clearing (REAL CLEARING) from that higher state of being, from the highest vibration you can hold rather than hanging on to that traumatic experience and constantly reliving that because you have not changed your perceptions about what occurred?

There is a huge difference between actual and true clearing and torturing one’s self in that state of reliving that which they experienced…

We EACH create that which we experience. How we view that experience will create our present experience… Be careful as to how you choose!

Clearing or Re-Living the experience…. There is a fine line there we each MUST MASTER in our Ascension process!

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