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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

What is the reason that leads to “Twin Flame confusion”? The answer is simple … the illusion of forgetting who we truly are and living our unique vibration! It is the learning and growing process that we are undergoing on our Soul journey. Everything within our sacred Divine Reunion serves the purpose of embracing ourselves as we truly are and stepping into our authentic Divine remembrance. There are many relationships that are preparing us for our Divine partner, if we are meant to be with one in this life. Please know that a Twin Soul relationship is that of wholeness, service to all Creation and creating something new … it is about a new birth! There are many steps on our journey of Divine Reunion, which always begins with our own inner knowing. On this journey, we cannot skip any steps that are preparing us for it. With a Soul longing often comes yearning for that “special someone”. That is why we oftentimes meet people who will reflect that desire four our sacred partner … and although we wish them to be that, they are simply not. We are neither mistaken or wrong, because they do reflect back at us what is needed for our journey at that time, and that is why there is a desire to be with them anyway. They are our Beloved at that time. That is why we wish to have this experience. But when we complete the lessons within this relationship, we will still feel there is more … and that this is simply not it. These relationships are usually our pre-Twin relationships, and they help us to step into our wholeness, which is what the nature of a Divine relationship is truly based upon. It is neither about karma or learning lessons … it is about the perfection of Divine Love that we are in Source Essence. It is about mirroring that to each other in perfect balance and wholeness. And every confusion serves a purpose of coming into an even greater clarity and inner wisdom. All is purposeful, and everything is for a reason. In fact, every relationship that we ever experiences serves the same purpose … to bring us deeper within and remember our Divine Reunion.

Within Divine Love, Polona

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