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The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes: Funneling Consciousness Down, Transmuting Accumulated Density and Traveling with Faith…

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Continuing to show dedication to your ongoing spiritual path will see you well on your way, now and in the time ahead. You are growing into purer aspects of the ultimate oversoul consciousness that is you, and along this process you will encounter some discomfort along the way that we hope to be able to assist you with in any moment.

To those extents, we work far beyond issuing our communications for the collective of humanity to absorb and hopefully benefit from. We are working from a myriad of different positions on the ascension of your Earth and on the awakening of each and every dear Earth soul who is still stuck in the limitations of the third dimension.

These limitations have, of course, been necessary for your growth as a soul and while people on your world with negative intents and agendas have been trying to keep them fed and enforced on a collective level, your collective is now more than ready to grow out of them and this will become apparent as the demand and drive to realize change and release truth is strengthened upon your evolving planet exponentially.

More Will Become Open
Every one of you is feeding your thoughts and emotions into a grid of collective energy, and the energies given out by the bulk of humanity are taken and used to determine what is to manifest next on the world stage. This has indeed been said and repeated nearly endlessly, and we repeat this for those who are just beginning to tune into our communications and absorb them.

The awakening of the Earth is gaining strength in every moment, and along with this is coming the increased understanding in each and every Earthly soul of the illusion that has been cast over their eyes, minds and hearts.

More souls upon your dear Earth will begin to become open to the messages and inspiration spirit has been giving you all and when it is understood that those on your world who seemed to have been opened up the most or have tapped into a greater truth or understanding about your existence have dipped into something that is easily accessible to all, prophets and saints will number in the billions on your dear planet.

Every soul throughout your history who has been opened up and who has helped to lead so many dear souls on your planet into standing up for their rights and proclaiming their freedom and sovereignty, has in many cases come to the Earth to fulfill a specific mission of awakening the Earth public.

These souls have found and tapped-in to a pure troth of understanding that can truly be accessed and known by every soul on your world and again; when this (is known) you can expect the entire Earth public to be quite awakened and knowledgeable about every facet of your existence as spiritual beings.

Galactic Federation of Light The Hathors May-07-2013

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