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THE MORE YOU WATCH, THE BETTER YOU FEEL – Turn your T.V., computer or mobile device into a sanctuary of profound relaxation and well-being. Press “Play” and immerse yourself into nature anytime you feel the need. Soothe and nourish your senses with “Echoes of Creation” and its companion film “Sacred Earth”. Specifically designed for repeated play with our without spoken word for years of enjoyment.

DVD/Blu-ray (with or w/o spoken word) for $9.99 here:
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”… a transcendent healing experience.”
– Barry Bittman, MD, Neurologist, Researcher and CEO,
Yamaha Music & Wellness Institute

“… strikes a rare chord that re-balances and heals mind and body. If you are ready for inner change in your life, press play’.”
– Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D and Author of “Spontaneous Evolution”

“…a deeply peaceful, inspiringly beautiful, multimedia meditation on living between heaven and earth. An extraordinarily calming and uplifting use of high-level filmmaking.”
– Martin L. Rossman, MD,

We are independent artists who have dedicated our lives to creating healing and uplifting films. We seek only to bring joy and wellness through our artistic creations and hope you will find our films worthy of your support by purchasing a copy. Doing so allows us to feed our children, donate free copies to those who need, pay our bills and continue to create more healing experience films.

Our Deepest Gratitude!

Jan Nickman – Producer/Director
Marlowe Brown — Executive Producer

BUY ONE-GIVE ONE: Help us GIVE FREE COPIES AWAY to those in need of a healing experience. For every copy you buy, we give one away to Hospice Care Centers, PTSD Recovery Centers, Nursing Facilities, Veteran’s Hospitals, Youth Centers and more… Learn more about our BUY ONE – GIVE ONE campaign at

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