Spring Equinox – Hope, Dreams, Ascension?


George Kavassilas – March 21, 2013 –

Half of Humanity Ascends

   George Kavassilas believes that the Precessional ends March 21, 2013  –  Making this Spring the beginning of the New Age of Humanity.  Please click on link above to hear his account of our Upcoming Ascension.

        Spring is the Promise of Great Manifestations in Your Life.   Time to remove all that does not Resonate with the New You.  Is your Journal  refreshed with clearings and  transmutations of Past Negativity?  Be sure to call upon St. Germain’s Violet Flame to Purify Your Soul. Is your Journal refreshed with Visions,  Fresh Intentions and Daily Actions  –  taking You into your rising Vortex of Love Frequencies.  Your Self-love and unconditional love for all living beings will take You and Humanity into our Collective Ascension.

These are exciting and challenging times. May your life be filled with Joy, Love, Good Health and Fortune!

Namaste!  ,  Duane

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