TED – Erik Johansson & His Impossible Photography

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Here are some Case examples for the “illusion of our Senses” as Walter Russell taught, which give mankind a false perception to the workings of our Universe.

All “knowing” comes from stillness, “the sill magnetic light”, which is immune to these sensory based observations. Erik’s photography is a perfect lesson about how our senses can be deceived by the appearances of light.

There are several more vids in the sidebar showing Erik’s work of exploiting this limitation of our senses and the fallacious interpretations of our “thinking” when we conclude what we are seeing with them, “impossible photos”, like Russell’s train tracks meeting on the horizon analogy. We “know” these things are impossible, which is a higher level of awareness, than “thinking” with illusions as the “substance” for our thoughts.

More of Erik’s awesome work:




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