The Hathors of Earth Solar Astral Planes February-26-2013`

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The Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Building Unity, Motivating the Public and the Original Intentions of Some Religions
FEB-26-2013 Posted by Wes Annac  /…

-Channeled through Wes Annac-  /  The lightening vibrations you are beginning to find within yourselves are signaling the way for true and real change to be brought forth on the surface of your increasingly-evolving planet. You are rising up from the realms of the third and fourth dimensions to the fifth, and from the fifth dimension your evolution onward will see you learn so very much about the multidimensional nature of existence upon this world.

What we mean is that upon accessing and traversing the unlimited perspectives the higher dimensions have to offer, many of you will see that you have indeed already traversed many of the higher realms you are looking toward from the third and fourth dimensions.  You are truly multidimensional beings, and we wish for you to know this. You have a perspective that is much stronger than the majority of souls on your world would know or accept, and you are able to tap into and feel a flow of energies that is so strong, that your ability as Gods and Creator entities who can work with any given higher dimensional energy simply cannot be expressed enough.

A theme of many channeled communications has been the power humanity as a collective and as individuals hold within.
As so many of you are beginning to commune with Gaia, you are becoming aware of the work that needs to be done to mitigate and cleanse the pollution still being manifested and fed on Her surface. Along with a developing understanding of your latent multidimensional nature, the awareness you are garnering for yourselves is stronger than could have ever been hoped or anticipated.

The change you’re beginning to bring forth is unprecedented, and the unity that you are all inspiring has been simply wonderful to watch build. This unity continues to build in every moment and as always, we remind you dear souls that there is much you can do in any given moment to further build upon the foundation of strength and momentum that has already been laid, for you all to begin coming together and doing the work so many of you know you are here to do.

We can see and feel that your expanding minds and hearts are making way for the awareness of the higher realms that will see you initiating yourselves into your beautiful Galactic society, and the fifth dimensional realms of your dearest Earth are simply brimming as they await your realization of them within you.  There is much work being done upon the surface of your fifth dimensional New Earth and much of this work is indeed energetic in nature, as the pollution and density that’s been fed on the third dimensional Gaia for so long are themselves forms of energy that can be worked with and transmuted, as well as transcended. You will come to find that everything in your reality is energy and can be worked with, shaped or molded in any specific ways you dear souls find prudent to do so.

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