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An Hour with an Angel, April 16, 2012, with Archangel Michael

From The 2012 Scenario

Tonight we welcome back Archangel Michael.

Archangel Michael: Welcome, greetings. I am Michael, archangel of love, warrior of peace, brother of blue. And yes, I am glad that you invoke the blue flame of peace, for the more that each one of you does this, the stronger the flame grows within you and within the collective as well.

So, know that. Your participation is key, because you are precious. You are valued. You are loved. You are trusted. You are part of the whole. So we proceed together, hand in hand, arm in arm, heart in heart. So, let us begin.

GW: Thank you, Michael. Several of our listeners have written to me expressing a deep interest in the issue of soul-mates and twin-flames. And having recently learned the name of my twin-flame, this topic is of interest to me personally, so I would like to learn and share more on this particular topic.

I feel it appropriate to begin by clearing up what I believe to be a misinterpretation of the word soul-mate. Many use this word to reflect the partner that they are seeking who shares all the same values, ideas, beliefs and interests that they share. It’s my understanding that a soul-mate is actually one who may not have any of the above, and they are actually the angels who push our buttons the most and force us into our greatest learning and experience of ourselves, if one chooses it. Could you please correct me, if I’m wrong?

AAM: Yes, I will correct you! It is both. Let us put it this way. A soul-mate is a being, a soul, that has connected with you deeply, both on this side, when you are out of form, and has chosen to reincarnate with you during each and every lifetime that you have encountered each other. I do not mean that you reincarnate together each and every time, but that you have chosen to be together during a certain lifetime.

Let us think of this … and we tend to use the image of circles very often. In the core circle, in the nucleus, there is you, your twin-flame, and what you think of as your guardian angel, your guides. In the next circle there is a circle that you would think of as your soul family, those that are of similar lineage, heritage, ray, vibration. But also, to make it very simple, these are the ones you love, passionately, deeply, and that you have traveled with again and again and again. Now, think of the next circle, and this is the circle of your soul-mates. These are the ones that you also love and cherish when you are on this side.

Prior to your return into form, whether it is on Earth or elsewhere, there is always a great deal of discussion about who will go. Now, very often with soul family, it is, “Well, if you’ll go, I’ll go,” “If you’re going, I’m going,” “You do not travel without me.” With soul-mates, there is a degree of that, but you look at the lifetime and what you wish to achieve, both in terms of your own incarnation and each other, but also the grander plan, the unfoldment of the Mother or the Divine’s Plan, and you agree that you will go together, and that you will play certain roles. And this has been particularly true within the realm of what we would refer to as the old 3rd dimension or the old 3rd dimensional paradigms.

Sometimes those soul-mates are your greatest enemies, as you have put it, those who push your buttons, because they are what we would call a negative image or a negative mirror. They show you—very clearly—what it is you need to work on, what it is you need to clear or address, either for yourself or for your family, for your soul family, or for the collective at large. That is why we have often said—and Yeshua has often said—to love your enemies, to love those you think are different from you. That is part of the diversity and the gift.

Soul-mates also are a part of those that you surround yourself with, those that you believe are like-minded, like-hearted, those that you like to form friendships with, often that you will choose to enter into partnership or relationship with, sometimes into sacred union —and we do differentiate between what we would call partnership or relationship, or what you would even call marriage, and what we would call even higher or more divinely guided, which is a sacred union.

So your best friend can be a soul-mate. It can also be a member of your soul family. And very often there is a blurring of those two lines. If you thought of the circle as a spiral, or if you thought of it as one circle, your soul family would be very close to you in that circle, then your soul-mates, and then those who are still part of the unfoldment, but more a part of the collective—you may or may not have ever encountered them before. But there is still a soul agreement that you will be on planet during these times with those beings.

So a soul-mate can be either a positive or a negative influence in your life, or a mirror. It can be someone that is exceptionally close to you or it can be someone that you disdain. We have always encouraged you, if you feel friction with someone, if you feel an instant distance or a dislike, then look at it, because this is a gift, this is a gift for you not only to perhaps clear something with someone that you have traveled with before, that you may have an agreement with to clear something with, but you also are being given an opportunity to look in that mirror and see, “What is it about myself that I am not overly joyous at discovering?”

So, it is both, dear heart. Does this clarify?

When you meet somebody and you know them for five minutes, and you know then that you love them, you share something much deeper: it is the recognition not only of someone that you have traveled with before, but someone who is a soul-mate, someone who is part of your soul family. That is how you recognize one another. It is that almost instantaneous connection.

Now, twin flames is another area that we should discuss—or can discuss, let us put it that way. It is an area where you have connected with one…. Think of this in the way that you would think of twins. Think of it sometimes where you have the opening of identical twins, and so you have a nucleus that fissions. So you are both part of the same light, the same hope, the same mission, the same vision, the same energy.

It is extremely rare that one incarnates into physical form, particularly in what we would say is old Earth, with one’s twin flame. That situation when that occurs is that the mission is of such magnitude that it is necessary. In many ways, you may think, or feel, that your twin flame is like a guardian angel, and they hold the space for you to go forward and assume a form and incarnation to do the work that you have chosen to do.

So it is the other half of you, not the higher self—do not mistake it that way—but the other half. And often you tend to think of it in terms of gender, but that is a human way to conceive of it. And you also understand that you have incarnated as male, female, in every life-form. So you may keep that distinction, but understand that you have all done everything. Do you have a preferred form? Generally, yes. But that is the way it operates.

Now, your twin flame is that closest part; in some ways you always think of your twin flame as almost being part of your heart. Many of you have had a face, either in dream or when you close your eyes, and you see that face, you see those eyes, and that is the picture, the energy of your twin, because that is how close they are to you. No, they are not your primary angel, but often they will introduce themselves as part of your circle of guides, guardians.

Now, for many of you also, during this time of change upon the planet, many of you are discovering that your twin flame is in fact a star being, that they have incarnated and that they are hovering, literally, above Earth or on your—what you would think of as—your home planet. And this creates a yearning, but it also creates an awareness of where they are and how you are working together. It is a piece of information about your own mission and purpose, and of course their mission and purpose as well.

We would like to talk—and I am suggesting this to you, Geoff—the role that twin flames play in the forming of relationship, partnership and sacred union, as well as in the birthing and the selection of children as well, but we do not wish to jump the gun on you. We want to make sure that our explanations are clear and concise, because this is so important to the human heart, to that sense of connection and unity. And it is a connection that we fully understand, for twin flames are part of a universal construct—let us put it that way.

GW: Thank you, Michael, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify, because this brings up a question which has recently come to me. I’ve had a dear friend of mine, one whom I consider very wise and enlightened, confuse me with the introduction of yet another term, a twin ray. Is there a difference between a twin flame and that of a twin ray?

AAM: There is a difference between a twin flame and a twin ray. The twin ray is part of your soul family. The twin ray is one—it is not like a twin flame at all. So, understand this, because the ray—your composition, your light, your love, your molecules, they are literally identical in your—well, not exactly, but as close as it can be—in your twin flame. It is your divine complement. Your twin ray is someone who is of your ray, and the similarities are very close. It is more like a matter of being of the same soul family. So it is like a brother or a sister or a cousin who genetically looks just like you. But the closeness, the degrees of separation are different—let us put it that way.

So, if one—and as you know, I am partial to blue – but there are billions of beings upon your planet, just your planet, Terra Gaia, at this time that are of the blue ray. Now, think in terms of what your ability to see and perceive color is, and think of the range of how many blues there are, from the palest, washed out blue summer sky to the turquoise, to the vibrant blues, to the royal blue that I claim, to the Universal Mother’s blue, to the twilight blue, to the midnight blue. All of these are blue ray.

Now, within that, even within your sacred self—yes, when we look at you and we see your flame, that is consistent in terms of what you as human beings would perceive as a color. Now, for us when we look at it, we see an energy pattern and a field. We hear sound, scent, song, so we see much more than you do. But even within that range of color, during any course of a day, you may transmute yourself from the palest blue to the midnight blue that is almost black. But your core color, your core flame, your core ray does not vary according to your aura, to your mood, to what is happening, to where your vibration or frequency is.

Your flame is unique. But within that band there are those that are identical to you, that are so close—and certainly with human eyes—the blue would appear exactly the same. But if you were to look inside of that, where you would find the twin ray is also not only in the vibration, in the frequency, in what you would think of as soul signature, but the similarity in sound, in fragrance, in scent, in song. So, it is looking very much like a DNA map. So, that is where the similarities, and that is where the term comes from.

Very often—but particularly now as people are Ascending, but even in the past—when you have had groups of people that have chosen to leave the planet, and they seem completely unassociated, very often they are of identical rays.

There are many forms of connection that you are just beginning to discover, and we are delighted that you are asking.

GW: So, as you have said, it’s not common for twin flames to incarnate at the same time on Gaia, or at least in the same place on the planet. And you have said that it is like finding a lost part of oneself. At this particular time, is this beginning to change? Are twin flames beginning to come together at this time for the purposes of Ascension? And is it important for Ascension to occur that twin flames be united?

AAM: No. Let us be very clear about that. Because it would be very discouraging for many to think that if they did not find their twin flame or connect with their twin flame, that they were not on their Ascension journey and path. So no, that is not true. But yes, there are more and more twin flames that are discovering each other.

When you have worked through what we would call human issues—personality, ego issues, emotional debris—then it will be the most magnificent bonding that you can ever have, in or out of human form. Because that is your other. But do not assume that you embrace each other and that it is infinite bliss. It is infinite bliss, but only when you have let go of all of the illusions of who you might be, when you have fully embraced the truth of yourself.

Now, most of you, the majority of you, your twin flame is with us on this side, in what you at right now think of as the unseen realm. But when you are looking for a partner—and we don’t mean just a relationship, but truly your partner—what you are innately doing—innately—is you are seeking for the qualities of your twin, your divine complement. And what is happening is that your twin is also assisting you, doing a great deal of behind-the-scenes work in helping you meet that divine partner, or divinely-orchestrated partner.

So, you are absolutely correct, Geoff. It is a process of becoming. And when you become in sacred union, in the physical form. . .. Let us give you a vision. It is not a singular affair. So, you are looking for your sacred partner, and your twin flame on this side is assisting you, working with a multitude of variables, to help you locate and meet with someone who is a very close match. At the same time, the person that you are encountering, their twin flame is doing exactly the same thing. So it is not a party of two, it is a party of four. And then when you add in your guardian angel, and the ascended ones who also want things to go forward, it truly is a family affair. It is magnificent!

Now, not to leave the matter of your twin, if you are having difficulty doing that, if you are having difficulty in your human relationship, in your partnership, in your marriage, if you are having difficulty in your family, ask your twin flame for help, because they know exactly not only what you are facing but what you need and what will work.

AAM: I would suggest to you that most of you have been heterosexual, homosexual, lesbian—it does not matter! Love is love. And when you are in sacred union, or if you are with your twin in a same-sex relationship, if you have chosen to do that, it is because you are breaking some old paradigms of Earth that have been very rigid in terms of trying to define what love can look like, what it is permitted to look like.

Know: love takes all forms. And so for those who have chosen, and for those who have felt there was never a choice, other than to be in same-sex relationship, we support you, because love is love. And what you are doing is you are breaking the paradigms. That is part of your mission and purpose. And it is not to make an issue out of it. The whole point is that it is a non-issue. Far too much drama is given to this! So, understand, on another planets, in other realities, this is simply not an issue.

So, the potential for creation—and what you see in sacred flame is just amplified—but that potential for creation is beyond anything that the human realm is, shall we say, used to at this time. Now, we are not suggesting that there are not many sacred unions, but it is being raised. Because your frequency, your vibration and your understanding of how to create is expanding and going forward.

You say, “How do I connect with my twin flame?” Go to your heart and simply ask. It is that simple. Just ask. Allow that face to appear. Allow that energy to brush by you. Allow that energy to be part of your life. Speak to each other every day, every hour. Call on each other, not only for help, but to share what you are thinking, what you are feeling, the way you would with someone that you would love in form as well.

GW: That sounds absolutely wonderful.

AAM: Go in peace, dear heart. Farewell.

GW: Thank you very much, Archangel Michael.

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